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hey guys. i like all forms of wrestling, especially submission, rough submission and mma. i love to work up a sweat, and i train in kickboxing and sub grappling.

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  1. Amerikai Egyesült Államok - Kentucky, Lexington
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Kor: 56 éves Férfi

Méret: 170 cm, 91 kg

Öltözék: jocks, squares, singlets, speedos

Földharc (submission) Földharc (submission)
Szabad küzdelem (no holds barred) Szabad küzdelem (no holds barred)
Pankráció (pro wrestling) Pankráció (pro wrestling)
Boksz Boksz
Kickbox / Muay thai Kickbox / Muay thai

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muscstud-t ajánlja freewrestler

Awesome big muscular wrestler. Big mass difficult to defeat. Cant wait for our rematch.


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freewrestler-t ajánlja muscstud

had a great time taking on freewrestler. he has a nice thick muscle body. look forward to taking him on again.


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muscstud-t ajánlja Scrapmerchant 1

I had the privilege of meeting Muscstud in Nashville on 8 September and what a great time i had, We had been threatening to tear each other apart for years and we eventually got it together last week. Although I got beat, I managed to get this powerhouse to submit 3 times.
Muscstud is a gentleman with a fantastic physique, good fighting skills and he is competitive/aggressive and keeps coming at you. We fought for around 90 minutes and i had a blast - this guy is the real deal - a proper bloke - Nashville has a lot to offer but Muscstud was one of the highlights of my trip - i cannot wait for round 2. Thanks Buddy!


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Scrapmerchant 1-t ajánlja muscstud

had a great time taking on scrapmerchant. he is a good tough guy who will keep fighting hard and rough. he is a nice guy too. ready to take him down again.


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muscstud-t ajánlja chompsticks

He told me that the gym he trains at calls him hulk. Well I can see why! Had a great time rolling with this skilled powerhouse. Def recommend him if you're in the area!


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chompsticks-t ajánlja muscstud

This guy knows what he is doing, and he isn't afraid to go rough. I can only imagine what he would do to an opponent his size. He also is a nice guy.


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muscstud-t ajánlja musclemarkuk

Had the pleasure of meeting in a extended stay with each other this skilled powerhouse of a man.
You have to work extra hard to submit him no matter how many hours it takes he will still step up another gear. I will give him a rematch any time he's ready ( or travel plans cross over) to step up to the mark :-).


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muscstud-t ajánlja WrslMscl

Have you ever wrestled a tank? Well, I have. This one. And I had to work extra hard to submit him. I will give him a rematch any time he's ready to step up and face me again.


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WrslMscl-t ajánlja muscstud

matt is a great guy to wrestle and a tough competitor. i am ready to take him on again.


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muscstud-t ajánlja wrestling coach

Pretty even fight, caught me in a guillotine. But he will never get a tapout again on me. Next time a bigger space. Cool dude.


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