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Gutpunching give/take/trade

Gutpunching - dishing and/or receiving.
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walsallgoodguy 4 órája

I am laid out cold by the big guy

37 megtekintés.
[5] (5 szavazat)
BigBhim 9 órája


91 megtekintés.
[5] (4 szavazat)
racingwrestler 13 órája

For those that asked for more

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  • 21. Június
    Wish I could write this guy a review. As much as I love Meetfighters, I do try to get matches from one other source .... Craig's List. What can I say
  • 21. Június
    Кто хочет бороться за девушку или жену пишите
  • 20. Június
    Я в вк и на фб
  • 20. Június
    Excellent meet by Tynesider.Not a rough house at all,myself tried 4 new opponents plus 2 previous,quite an age range and styles.Never dreamed when I
  • 19. Június
    They enter the ring and circle, like two tigers waiting to attack. John the taller lean muscled stud with slabs of muscled pecs and washboard abs
  • 19. Június
    6-19-17 I met a fellow wrestler today. We tried to have a submission match and I have to say, I disappointed him and myself but I proved what I have
  • 19. Június
    We enter the gym and still not a soul in sight. He begins to do some stretches. I look around this well equipped gym which has a variety of machines
  • 19. Június
    So i'm on the subway, around rush hour, I get the last seat. At the next stop a very attractive guy gets on, very handsome about 6" tall maybe 200
  • 19. Június
    the saga continues: The flex show was amazing as the two muscle men tried to out do the other with each flex. Paul demanded that I measure their
  • 18. Június
    Happy Father's Day to all of the dads here in Meetfighters. I hope you have fun on this special day of yours
  • 16. Június
    “그만...그만해.” 남자는 고개를 이리저리 돌리며 몸부림 치고 있었다. 자신의 뒤에서 자신을 팔을 꺽어 잡고 있는 작은 체구의 남자를 떨쳐내려 애썼지만, 간간히 흔들리기만 할 뿐 남자 뒤에 서 있는 젊은 청년은 남자를 단단히 잡은 채 놓치지 않았다. 맨발의 남자
  • 15. Június
    Next month I am planning to attend Thunderdome V, a wrestling event to be held near Taunton, Massachusetts. I been invited to the owner's property on
  • 14. Június
    Hello! My name is Marcus Ray. I'm a fairly new individual to the world of wrestling and I'm trying to set up a network of communication with all of



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What Advice Would You Give to New Users?

Hello Fighters,

I have attempted to collect some Tips for New Users, covering basic topics ranging from creating a good profile to searching. I plan to have these automatically sent over the course of a few days to any new member to help them engage our beloved site. My question to you is: What advice would YOU give to a new user? Please share your comments below.

On an unrelated topic, as everyone is aware, photo classification is one distinctive (or controversial) feature of MeetFigthers. Depending on whom you ask it is a nightmare preventing you from posting your favorite photo or a boon that keeps profiles free of bullshit photos and porn. Classification, due to its very nature, subjective and can be opaque to new users. It is also hard to classify some photos due to the many things one has to keep in mind to do it well.

Overall, I think the system is imperfect but better than having no system at all. One possible improvement is clarification of the existing rules regarding some common categorization dilemmas. I decided to put these to the poll.

How would you classify photos taken from the back?

Some enjoy posting photos of their backs. Up until now there was no official policy on how to classify these photos; some people classifying them as "Gallery" others as "Profile". The end result is inconsistency and unpredictable outcomes when posting such a photo.
  • Profile photo. A back is informative enough of a guy's fitness.
  • Gallery photo. Profile photos should be of the front.
  • Private only. Because backs scare me.
  • No policy necessary, let's work on a case by case basis.
  • No opinion.
  • Can we just turn off photo classification altogether? I want to post photos of my mice.
A szavazás kezdete: 2017-06-05.
Be kell lépned ahhoz, hogy szavazni tudj.


How would you classify photos of a body covered in singlet?

Another popular attraction is posting a body pic covered in singlet or similar attire. Again, this has been cause for confusion due to no official policy on how to classify such photos. On one hand some singlets are skimpy and form fitting enough that the guy's general build is obvious, on the other most cover so much the guy might as well be wearing a coat.
  • Profile photo. I can see right through those things.
  • Gallery photo. I want to see that bod unobscured.
  • Private photo. Singlets scare me.
  • No policy necessary, let's work on a case by case basis.
  • No opinion.
  • Please just make it stop, make it end!!!
A szavazás kezdete: 2017-06-05.
Be kell lépned ahhoz, hogy szavazni tudj.


Other site news

  • The gallery code (the one that displays photos at full size) has been completely replaced with one that works better on mobile and tabled devices as well as browsers. The new implementation is also faster and uses less network traffic. It's pretty cool. :)
  • It is now possible to disable challenges on your Preferences page. Disabling challenges will remove the "Challenge" button from your profile page (and everyone else's too).
  • There has been many enhancements to the Photo Verification process. Other than a rebranding (it used to be called "Member verification"), the page now has a more accessible format with sample photos, less verbiage and a more streamlined process.
  • Improved security by making sure that session information always goes through and encrypted channel. This greatly reduces the risk of internet eavesdropping and session hijacking.
  • A number of minor visual enhancements; for example the "recent blog posts" on the News page has a much nicer format.
  • A yet larger number of behind-the-scenes bugfixes and small improvements.

– Admin out.

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Utoljára módosította Admin 2017-06-05 10:03-n; 72 hozzászólás;

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