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Hillbilly huge 4 órája

Biggest squat of cycle

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canwrestle 5 órája

real submission wrestling

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RhodyRaybo 7 órája

Going at it with my mentor some more

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White is the New Black

Hi guys,

This blog post is to inform you that the default theme of MeetFighters is now the one with the light background.

If you want the dark background back, please change your preferred theme on the Preferences page. As always, your patience and comments are appreciated.

I am currently working on a series of changes designed to make the site more responsive on tablets and mobile phones.

I would like to thank everyone who gave advice to new users last month. I have incorporated your contribution into the Tips for New Users page. The contents of these pages are now automatically sent to new users over the course of a few days to get them up to speed on how to best navigate the site.

– Admin

Update 30th July

Thanks for all the comments! Most common complaint was about the light blue colored links. I agree, they were hard to read. I have now replaced them with a darker shade of the same blue. I will continue making tweaks, hopefully it will all fall into place eventually.

A little stroll down memory lane... Those of you who have been with us for 1.5 years might remember, last major change was the new message center which replaced the old message interface. We did the same thing then that what we're doing now: introduced the new version months earlier, let it mature, listen to comments, and then switched the default, while leaving the previous version available for those who preferred it. What happened was that there was almost no feedback in the beta testing phase. Once the new message center became the default, there was a number of constructive criticism that got incorporated into the code quickly, mixed with an intense hatedom from about 1% of the site's membership. (Granted, at 14000 members, that 140 people.)

What we do in every case is observe what percentage of the site's members still use the legacy version regularly. In the case of the previous example, use of the old message page dwindled fairly quickly. It's still available today, because we didn't invest time into its removal, but it's use declined into single digits. This is just one example. Had we found that most guys kept using the old message page, we would have just rolled back the new one and never looked back.

I ask everyone to give the latest changes a fair chance and be patient. If you see some bug or something is not working on your device, please use the Report and Error link at the bottom of the page.

P.S. There is no need to use your fighting words when responding to a change. Every time, there's a bunch of guys who think they can make themselves heard better if they carefully search their vocabularies for the most extreme adjective and then just use it. Trust me, we listen just as closely if you express yourself moderately. (Maybe even more.)

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