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sub match in berlin

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  • 28. Április
    April 28, 2017–Just arrived, another 100 sq. ft. of Dollamur[tm] mats, bringing the total available for use in the back yard to 364 sq ft (close to
  • 27. Április
    Recently met up with an old friend and foe on the mat. (is frienemy a word?) We have battled each other many times over many years. We had both put
  • 27. Április
    So i started wrestling back in high school which is how I got a lot of skills in pinning! I then wanted to find a website that supported wrestlers
  • 27. Április
    The Blog [5]
    Szerző: Slim66
    Ah, yes. Most social media websites do have one thing in common: the blog. When you consider it , the blog is a forum on where people voice their
  • 27. Április
    Feel I have to have a vent here after comments that I received (on another site) about cancellations! I'm out of work just now and actively looking
  • 26. Április
    I should try that once. What is in your opinion a good heel jobber match and what is necessary to make it good? thx
  • 26. Április
    Wrestling has always been the one sport that defines the will of a man to me. Though I’ve competed in several team sports, wrestling is the only
  • 26. Április
    Here is what the wrestler who stole my singlet wrote "I'm shipping you the hvcc and the smittys barn singlet. Those two are as good as yours. The
  • 25. Április
    Mario [5]
    Szerző: RhodyRaybo
    I just had a wrestling session with a new guy. He's not on Meetfighters, though I hope he does sign up someday. He answered my CL ad. He was 70 lbs
  • 25. Április
    After a long hiatus, I am back wrestling as of May 1. I actually wrestled three times in the past month with long-time wrestling buds from out of
  • 23. Április
    "Which do you prefer: Meeting up in a hotel for a match, or going to a wrestler's home?" A number of years ago, I lived in Japan - a country
  • 23. Április
    I'm currently working on a pro-wrestling illustration series in my Manga Pro-Wrestling website. The characters are from a long-running Japanese comic
  • 22. Április
    I am into the scene here for real. I need to convince more guys here that is the case in order to get in more time on the mats. Although I have been
  • 20. Április
    No shows [4]
    Szerző: Vanman
    If I have ever missed a meet with someone hopefully I have let them know well beforehand. If not I apologise now. I don't understand just not turning



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The Votes Are In - MeetFighters Is Now DateFighters!

A lot of members have asked us: Why doesn't MeetFighters become a proper dating site?

We were unsure at first, so in our last poll we asked you, and the votes are in:

Do you think MeetFighters should become a dating website, DateFighters? Votes % of votes Weighted %
Yes, I think this is a great idea. 1164 83% 85%
No, let's stay MeetFighters. 239 17% 15%

We are thrilled to report that we have listened! MeetFighters is dead, long live DateFighters!

How is DateFighters different?

DateFighters is far more sophisticated than any other contemporary dating site. Instead of nagging you for minute details and search forms that span ten screens, we just ask you four simple questions. Based on those, some Big Data and Deep Learning algorithms, we immediately find you ten perfect matches, no matter what your taste!

Try it now!

Update 2nd April: Yes, this was a joke. Thank you everyone who commented. You were fun, great to be running the site for you guys :)
Everything is back to normal, but the DateFighters page will live on for your enjoyment.

– Admin

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