abs2000-t ajánlja dan9692 (2018-02-19)

Managed to squeeze in a meet with abs2000 yesterday in the time he had before another match. He was kind enough to let me come over to his place for a gut punching session.

We had a good tine both throwing and taking punches with and without gloves. He is in great shape and took everything i threw at him and could have taken plenty more!! I held out as long as i could but couldnt take any more punches after a while.

Abs2000 is a good hard hitter, and also makes for an ideal punching bag himself. When not beating on each others abs, he's a first class guy really easy to talk to. Im looking forward to round 2..........when my skin has stopped feeling quite so tender haha

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shuttlexp1-t ajánlja The Enigma (2018-02-19)

This wrestler shares my passion for chokes and we have throttled each other good a few times with hands, biceps and legs. Always trying to take out the other. One contest was on the cellar floor of a wine shop and he milked me all over the flattened cardboard boxes.

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luckyalec-t ajánlja Lutte Cannes (2018-02-19)

Nice encounter with this enthusiastic guy.
Good legs! Recommended!

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brazilwrestler86-t ajánlja boine (2018-02-19)

This guy is a war machine! You get what you ask for.
Full MMA means full MMA, great to meet a guy that shares the interest, rare to find! Had a good roll, even with limited space.
Off the mats a superfriendly laidback gentleman!
If you get the chance, meet him!

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grappleruk-t ajánlja GrapplerNL (2018-02-19)

This guy is insane. He is very skilled and powerfull. He know what he is doing and knows a lot of styles. Freestyle and submissions. I loved every second on the mats even I lost. Off the mats he is very nice and a great host. Highly recommended

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Ualbany-t ajánlja GrapplerNL (2018-02-19)

This guy is a though jobber. We started as a competition. When he noticed he was not able to win he know his place and put in the jobber mode. Enjoyed working over him. Highly recommended

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Celticmuscle-t ajánlja Wheeled Warrior (2018-02-19)

Massive guy 💪 Strongest fella I have ever come across on the site to date. The guy can defo dominate a match - but is sensible enough to make it safe throughout. Genuinelyniice guy with no drama.

Defo interested in a second match sometime.

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wrestron-t ajánlja Oxon89 (2018-02-19)

My first match was with wrestron. Very nice bloke... Until he's on the mat. Wrestron held me in several of his moves which I think I help up pretty well against. But it didn't take long for me to submit to his Bostons and Camels. Very strong and safe and a pleasure to meet.

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Alex wrestler87-t ajánlja Mad Grappler T (2018-02-19)

Alex is such a great guy.. he's very nice, always smiling, pretty good mood all the time, very respectful which I appreciate a lot.. in very good shape, strong muscled and compact body.. strong arms and legs.. upper body is amazing.. ripped and fit..
I feel so glad I could show you what BJJ is... first Gi session which we enjoyed all the time.. he looks very well wearing it.. very intimidating attitude.. this is the important stuff.. If he join a club and train I'm so sure he can become such a dangerous opponent..
I expect we meet again... I'll be ready for that..

RESUME : 18 hs - Gi session - toe nail

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slandon23-t ajánlja 4fun (2018-02-19)

Tough wrestler and great host, got a great workout and had a blast... Look forward to a rematch.

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