RocRassler-t ajánlja ruff (2017-02-22)

This guy is totally hot. Muscled ripped and strong as fuck and totally hot all oiled up. He has huge biceps He can pack a punch hit like a boxer and roll like a wrestler. He is remarkable if u ever get the chance to meet him or fight him do it. A really super guy to talk to. I strongly recommend him and would fight him again

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shawty333-t ajánlja Vagrappler (2017-02-22)

Great guy who is passionate about wrestling win or lose. He is fit and stronger than he looks. Fun personality on and off the mats. If we were closer I would wrestle him often

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Manic Mike-t ajánlja Tonyo (2017-02-22)

Met up with Mike a couple of times , a while ago , the first time , just us two , one on one , can I just say the best Pro Wrestle I've ever had , he is Pro trained and it showed , give and take , amazing
A great afternoon of pro wrestling with a great guy
Thanks man

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averagejoe-t ajánlja CamoDad (2017-02-22)

A-Joe is gregarious and has infectious energy. He's more than willing to mix it up, change the rules, and try new things! Due to an injury, we had to limit the match, but next time I look forward to a serious brawl. Should change name from "averagejoe" to "wildmanjoe!"

Look forward to another session!

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vicj81-t ajánlja Luxxor (2017-02-22)

definitely one of the most easy going guys I've encountered. Was happy to invite me into a match with him and another wrestler without waiver. Besides his great attitude, he's a great guy to wrestle. he's got lots of endurance and doesn't tap out until his last ounce of energy, that's for sure. Highly recommend.

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NorthNotts-t ajánlja Lightweight56 (2017-02-22)

Had a great bout with NorthNotts. He's strong and skilled and totally dominated the wrestling. Was generous enough to give me a few chances, but I still took a pounding!!
Really nice fella to chat to in between the wrestling.
Meet was easy and straightforward to set up.
Definitely recommended.

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casalutte-t ajánlja lutonwrestle (2017-02-22)

Had a great time and can finally say that I beat him......

You will not regret meeting casalutte, I had so much fun and laughs with him during my time in Morroco. My first meet from here that has turned into a true friendship!!

Speak soon wimp :)

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Wire-t ajánlja kriswoje4 (2017-02-22)

Wire is a very nice and good wreslter.
He is very strong and technical about wrestle hold.
I hope to meet again this very good openent
I whish to you to meet him because he is also very friendly .

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kyf1403-t ajánlja raufer76 (2017-02-22)

Hi..der fight war echt super. Wir haben uns schön ausgepowert. Ausserdem ist kyf 1403 ein sehr angenehmer Gesprächspartner .Es kam keine Langeweile auf.

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localboy60-t ajánlja Demolisher (2017-02-22)

If you're looking to gear up and work a wrestler to the mat in pro fantasy style or level agreed upon, this wrestler is great. He took my Bearhugs, Clutches, sleepers, Boston crabs, headscissors, spladle, surfboards, bow and arrow, and that's just what I can remember offhand. The interaction with this guy is great, lost track of time. Secret Weakness to this jobber. One word...soles. Put him in a dragon sleeper,and then work those soles. I recommend this guy. He's a heels jobber. Suit up and work em over...but Beware. He puts up a good defense. Watch out for his sleeper. ...1,2.....3.

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