Squashlad-t ajánlja hedloker uk (2017-09-24)

It was good to meet Squashlad at the recent Manchester meet. He is a really friendly guy who put me at ease straight away, and I then knew it would be the sort of sporty fun match that I really like. It could easily have been a bit one-sided in his favour but he was a real gent and toned things down to make for a good bout. Hope to meet again soon.

Loved the latest tussle with Squashlad.He's got such a repertoire of holds and moves that I inevitably fall victim to them, but it's great fun trying to thwart his intentions and to make myself a pain in the arse as much as possible! :) Very much looking forward to the next one.

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lutte95-t ajánlja StrongGrapplerLondon (2017-09-24)

A very strong and energetic wrestler. It was a pleasure to fight him.

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IKBER-t ajánlja Hairybear (2017-09-24)

Ikber was visiting Manchester so we'd messaged for a while to set up our meet. Even though we didn't have the biggest of hotel rooms we managed to have a good heel jobber match.

Ikber has a great body, looks great in his singlet and can take good punishment. He enjoys being put in chokes and head scissors, along with rack's and lifts.

Had a great match with him and would definitely recommend if you get the chance.

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WeeJimmie-t ajánlja wrestlemick (2017-09-24)

Had a really good morning tussling with Jimmie. Wee he may be (his words) but he is very strong and I was outclassed both in strength and weight!! However he is a very safe and trustworthy opponent even when cranking on the hold for a submission, as soon as I tapped he'd release . Its good to have a safe trustworthy guy so you can see how much pain you can take!!! I did manage to hold him in a full nelson however even with his feet off the ground .
Altogether a real gentleman and great host. I will defineately be back for more and would recomend him to anyone.

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StrongGrapplerLondon-t ajánlja Djay36 (2017-09-24)

We had a nice time together ( unfortunately too short ... ) he's really strong , respectful......
Hope to see you again soon .

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jacketwolf-t ajánlja mattz4fun (2017-09-24)

What a great wrestling experience with Jacketwolf on his SF visit! Easy to set up a match. We both wanted an aggressive, technical match, and it worked perfectly. We went over 2 hard hours with no breaks, pushing each other the entire time. Was happy to share a few of my tricks. He picked them up quickly, then tried to use them on me.
So much fun. If you get the chance to meet this guy, don't miss the opportunity.

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kyo1989-t ajánlja MakeMeTap (2017-09-24)

Kyo1989 was a solid, worthy opponent. Definitely brought his A-game and worked me over good. From his rock hard legs to his solid beefy arms, there isn't anything he won't use to his advantage.

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Hardmatch-t ajánlja subwrestleozravi (2017-09-24)

Had a wonderful match with Hardmatch. He is strong for his size and look very fit to wrestle any wrestler of any size. I was fortunate to wrestle him in Vancouver. We wrestled for about 2 hours. He knows many holds. We traded several holds. Very much fun guy to wrestle with. We both had a very sweaty hot match. He knows his moves, watchout and have to be on your A game with him. He is very friendly guy on the mats and outside. Very courteous gentleman. Knows his Canadian wines as well. Ask him, politely, he will tell you :). Will wrestle him again for sure when we are in the same city. Wrestle him when he is still available to wrestle.

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luckyalec-t ajánlja FighterGuyy (2017-09-24)

We had a fun and enjoyable play wrestling session with Alec. He was friendly, safe and sane. Very easy to set up the match too. I appreciate you taking time off your vacation to meet me!

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BoxerCoachinmd-t ajánlja Wrassleboi (2017-09-24)

Super nice guy and fun wrestler. His homemade wrestling ring is kinda awesome.

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