Darkfighter-t ajánlja Peter Xue (2017-06-22)

a fantastic match experience with Darkfighter.He is strong and skillful. also He is a very nice guy. if you like boxing, wrestling,and gut punching ,just challenge him! I promise you will have a wonderful match with him!! looking forward to next match with him!!

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yonkerswrangler-t ajánlja Dynamo (2017-06-22)

Yonkerswrangler is a great, very tall and strong wrestler, he knows a lot of wrestling holds, our wrestling matches were full of sweat and male strength, rolling on the mat for a lot of time. Off the wrestling matches He is a very good friend, interesting chatting, educated and good man. Highly recommended

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heeljobb83-t ajánlja Alan2005sg (2017-06-22)

Heeljobb83 is a good. He knew his skills & applied them well. We both locked tight on each other from the first minute. Because of my weight & strength advantage, I have avoided many of his locks. Hope to have a rematch with him in the future.

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JCF-t ajánlja NO MERCY900 (2017-06-22)

good wrestler he kicked the shit out of me

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NO MERCY900-t ajánlja JCF (2017-06-22)

He is a great wrestler!

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bones-t ajánlja BullCop (2017-06-22)

Bones is an ideal big muscle hunk to roll with. We had a too brief, sweating roll a while back. He is well experienced and adds new skills each time he get locked up. A very quick study. During and after rolling, he is fun, llight-hearted. Definitely want some more rolling time with this big bear.

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hobbitbear-t ajánlja BullCop (2017-06-22)

Had a roll with this massive muscle mass a few years ago. He is well skilled, works carefully and lightly with less experienced opponents. Off the mats, the man is happy to host and willing to share in other interests. Patient and pliable, he is strongly recommend for an enjoyable session.

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submisionss-t ajánlja shuttlexp1 (2017-06-22)

Met this guy a while back.

Not only a hot and tough wrestler who gives as good as he gets but a nice guy off the mats/out of the ring too.

He likes to mix it up rough and if you do as well you are in for a treat.

Definitely going to fight him some more.... and more

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Lkg2trn-t ajánlja AllStarPuma54321 (2017-06-22)

I had a great time wrestling Lkg2trn. He has remarkable skills, a great attitude, and a ton of energy. Learning a lot wrestling him, and looking forward to future matches!

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LatinoPro-t ajánlja CubanBeef (2017-06-22)

I finally got to meet LatinoPro in New York Last week and I was not disappointed. This guy is an Icon in Pro wrestling. A nice exchange of moves, back and forth, took turns working over each other. great pins, sleepers, ddt's, bearhugs, lots of verbal taunting. It had to have been one of the best pro matches I have ever had. Off the mats, nice, respectful guy, handsome, clean and a pleasure chat with. Great connection, working on another match in July. Thanks Bro!

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