wrestlersp-t ajánlja WesJobber (2018-09-22)

Cara com bastante domínio de luta, muito forte e aplicou bem alguns golpes. Por enquanto melhor bearhug que recebi! Fez uma submissão digna de revanche!

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gigilucha-t ajánlja Mad Grappler T (2018-09-22)

Gigi is such a cool man... huge and pretty strong, his legs have such a hugepower, fighting them is almost cra-zy... his upper body got more of the same thing.. as he said he needs to recover his cardio and stamina, when he get it back he will be impossible to submit..
Thxs for the visit, I will gladly wait for that crazy winter in winter

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tenacity-t ajánlja Dean20 (2018-09-22)

Think about your perfect match.

Got an image in your head? Multiply it by 10 and you have a match with Tenacity.

Attractive, funny, easy going, and a brutally tough opponent— really, do you need any more descriptions?

He’s a genuine, easy scheduler, bjj master, and (like he mentioned) our hour and a half match flew by.

Glowing praise aside: highly recommended. (And he and I will absolutely have a round two— and more)

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WesJobber-t ajánlja wrestlersp (2018-09-22)

Esse mlk me achou no meu Face de Lutador desafiou na lata. Marcamos no final de tarde de sexta. Deixou claro que gosta da dominação de um submission mas que daria trabalho. E dá!! Nao fica quieto e se mexe bem com as pernas longas, duras e fortes. E sabe como fazer. Não tive dó de oferecer umas porradas moderadas. De prontidão encheu minha cara com pezadas pouco mais brutas. Dei um bom bearhug mas ele agora quer mais. Borá !! Além do que tem uma cara de homem em um corpo magro mas bem feito de menino. E sabe ser macho mesmo sendo jobber..:

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moto60-t ajánlja Jman77 (2018-09-22)

I really enjoyed meeting up with this strong and skilled wrestler. We really worked up a sweat. I highly recommend moto60. Really nice guy off and on the mat. Really knows his stuff. It was a great pleasure to finally get to roll with him. Can't wait for our next match up.

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Smotherboy-t ajánlja solarphonics (2018-09-22)

Ok this is a BIG guy and I had an awesome match and workout with him. He's a total gentleman and we had a great time! Try to avoid being under him cuz once that happens, you're done lol I recommend him 100%

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Dean20-t ajánlja tenacity (2018-09-22)

Dean20 is the whole package. Beforehand, it was fun to chat with him about how it would go. He was very imaginative! Also, I know it is hard to believe, but he looks even better than in the pics. It’s clear from the way he moves that he wrestled in high school. Though he’s primarily a wrestler, he also knows a thing or two about submissions. We had a lot of fun rolling over a good hour and a half. On the mat, he’s aggressive and a bit cocky too when things go his way! 😅 Off the mat, he’s the easy-going kind of guy you’ll want to get a beer with afterwards. I’m fortunate we could meet, and I hope our match is the first of many.

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RocRassler-t ajánlja calwrestler (2018-09-22)

Been looking foward to oogling those biceps for sometime...and got to see them close up....and on my throat ....tonite. "control the head"....his motto. And he did a lot of that with mine! But it felt pretty good. Lol.
I got some moves in....very sneakily but much fun for sure! Which is to say while he was recuperating I came up from behind and locked on a RNC. Then later a full nelson....he turned the tables...also sat on my back! Great nite w him and "Lookin" who drove over for the great fights! Rematch soon, NYC!

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Lookintowrestle-t ajánlja calwrestler (2018-09-22)

Wrestled Lookin tonite and had an amazing time...so true you need to watch those runners legs! Thing is they are so long and fast moving that when they get locked on, forget it! Super nice guy who fortunately for me had to tap to my headlock. He's really quick and relentless. Looking forward to a follow-and re.match at the Feb Fest!
He also drove a couple of hours to fight!

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Hymalayan muscle-t ajánlja Davey716 (2018-09-22)

I met with the big guy this week and had a great time. He's very skilled, and really knows what he is doing on the mats. This combined with his beefy, muscular build makes for one formidable wrestler! He worked hard to make it fun for both of us, and I had a great, sweaty time! I can't wait to meet up with this stud again!

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