Yngrasslr00-t ajánlja GuyMN1983 (2017-03-24)

Truly a fun talented guy. We kept it low intensity physically, but high intensity emotionally! Fun guy to get to know off the mats, and amazing to grapple with on the mats. I appreciate the effort he took to meet me at my hotel. I had tons of fun and look forward to a rematch in the future!

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GORILLAPRESSSLAMFAN-t ajánlja Mark uk (2017-03-24)

Met brad a while back more than once. Loved every minute on and off the mats. Did mostly pro and had a total blast. Return match has TK happen

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stlouiserotic-t ajánlja GuyMN1983 (2017-03-24)

I had my second encounter with this stud and I fully plan on having as many more as I can. Back and forth, trading holds. He's incredibly strong - guys watch out for his legs!!! Great on the mats, and one of the best conversations off the mats that I've ever had. And on top of it all, SUPER cute, SUPER sexy. And OMG those abs! Guys, if you get the chance, you'd be a fool to pass this guy up!

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BSweetBryan-t ajánlja Anthon1 (2017-03-24)

A lot of fun to wrestle! Has great energy and stamina, and was able to defend against a few body scissors attempts. Was able to rumble through three sub matches, plus a few fun pro matches afterwards with inverted surfboards, pile drivers, power bombs, camel clutches, Boston crabs, pins, stump pullers, back breakers, and punishing head scissors from all directions. A great guy! I enjoyed talking to him, and is highly recommended!!

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ca510140-t ajánlja sdj58 (2017-03-24)

This man is defined, handsome, strong, and a true joy to spend time with. I would wrestle him again and again.

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piledriverva-t ajánlja nightstranger (2017-03-24)

Awesome time with BJ. Great guy off and brutal heel on the mats. First tombstone proved resistance is futile........2nd tombstone was lights out.

Would love a rematch.

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Itzyck-t ajánlja yoni1 (2017-03-24)

Itzyck is an amazing and strong guy.
We had great fights together although he don't have a lot of experience .
For sure I recommend him and I am looking forward for the next match!

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wrestleinsocks-t ajánlja toughjob (2017-03-24)

After admiring his videos for awhile I couldn't wait for a shot at Wrestleinsocks. Had a blast! He is tough, aggressive and right up my alley. So many holds that I lost track but all were delivered with brute strength. What an awesome time. Not only is he a great wrestler but a true gentleman off the mats. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.

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Hartfordguy-t ajánlja NYwchstr (2017-03-24)

Met up with Hartfordguy after a few days of back and forth, he was very quick to respond and actually meet for a match. We were evenly matched with great back and forth alternating submissions. Outside the match he was very friendly and easy to talk to. Look forward to having a rematch with him in the future, he is a real great guy!

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Tobey-t ajánlja guy321 (2017-03-24)

Tobey is a great young dude and is a nice guy off the mats. Quite cheeky and looks real good too. For someone of his size, he is strong and knows how to use his body weight to crush you down. Do not let him have any chance of putting you in a headlock. He is quite cocky on the mats and find ways to make you tap. Great fun and a guy not to be missed when you are in Berlin.

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