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“Getting into wrestling some years ago, and now becoming more interested in boxing, it's been a huge help being on MeetFighters–far and above the best wrestling/boxing/fighting website on the net.
MeetFighters has helped me connect with guys who are into the same things I am into, without wasting a lot of time. I've connected with guys from all over the globe, not just my backyard. That means a lot. This site is really easy to use, allows for each member to put out what s/he is most interested in, and saves time and money on other websites that too often ask for more than they provide.
The administrators of this site deserve a lot of credit, and our thanks, for the great service they provide to fighters of all kinds, and for keeping it free and open-ended. Let's hope this site keeps flourishing and connecting fighters globally.”

PhoenixBigBear, 2016. Október 24