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A MeetFighters.com egy közösségi oldal, továbbá olyan személyek honlapja, akik érdeklődnek a birkózás, a küzdősport és azok iránt, akik ezeket csinálják.


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“Eureka! I've found it! The singular site that satisfies the inner craving to work out ones problems while engaging in a sport, using ones mind and muscle to master a challenge: another person who likewise is in the process of solving his. That is what Meet Fighters is to me and what it provides. Moreover, you can do it within a community of like minded individuals. They collectively label themselves "fighters." Some are novices; some have a modicum of experience; and, still others are masters of their respective mode of fighting, from wrestling to boxing to many of those styles referred to as martial arts. Don't overlook the best there is! Come, join with us and find the fellowship you never imagined possible! I know I have. Eureka! I have truly found it!”

vonsueno, 2014. Szeptember 30

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