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I train 3 times a week. Once for sheer strength, once for cardio and once for form and technique. I know others who train more but, on top of boxing and wrestling, I think I'd be totaled. I mean, I love the gym but where do these supermen get their energy? Or is it just my age?

As I get older the need to incorporate stretching into my training regime seems to become greater and greater. Muscle tears and strained ligaments are now a recurring theme, and I have spent 6 months in the last 18 on the sidelines for injury.

I wonder - do any of the regular wrestlers and boxers here have a routine of stretching as part of their training. Does anyone do yoga for example, and does it help?

How do you guys condition your bodies for regular boxing and/or wrestling?

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Pro-Wrestling Day (プロレスの日)Detective Mask's blog

In Japan, February 19 is Pro-Wrestling Day (プロレスの日). This commemorates the first international pro-wrestling match ever held in Japan. That match involved Rikidozan (considered as the father of Japanese pro-wrestling) and Masahiko Kimura (the man who popularized the famed Kimura lock) teaming up against the Sharpe brothers.

I wish everyone a happy Pro-Wrestling Day.

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Message to the YOUNGER guys on here.funwrestling123's blog

This message is for the guys on here who are my age or younger and notice a lot of guys treat you like shit just because you are young. STAND UP to the guys who walk over you because if you don't they WILL continue to take advantage of you and USE YOU for their personal interest or FETISH. I stood up to a guy on here who would take videos of us wrestling BUT not send me if I am on the video I DEMAND to have a copy of it...not just 50% of if literally this guy would keep the 2 hour long match and send me 10 minutes of wtf lol I may be young but I just had enough and told him to LEARN HOW TO TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT! because IDK what he does with my videos he could be selling them on a dark web website somewhere without me knowing. so like I said treat the younger guys with respect. THAT'S all I have to say if you disagree just know this was meant for the guys who are young and don't have a voice to stand up to the bullies on here. AND yes I am done with that guy! he can go find someone else to wrestle I aint gonna be wrestling him ever again. AND every guy on here knows that whenever I record us wrestling I send them EVERYTHING not just 1 second of it because it belongs to me and my opponent because it has both of us in it. So like i said DON'T let anyone record you unless you fully trust them because clearly I was fooled and tricked like a dumb ass kid. lol NOT NO MORE! >:\ and I bet he sends his older opponents everything but since I am young and don't like to talk much in person he took that as weakness and he was blind sided by my message I gave him this morning LOL all he said was "GROW UP" haha he was SHOOK. (young boy term) meaning he was SURPRISED I stood up to him. LOL xoxo I may be young but trust me my mouth can kill someones self esteem so quick!. >:)

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Wrestlefest NYCJman77's blog

I can no longer host matches in NYC. I don't have my own space.

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Another of My Better MatchesSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

It's high time I put in some entries here of some great times I have had since taking up wrestling/grappling – this one dates back about 18 or so months concerning a man from yet another site (whose name / personal info will remain confidential) I posted this over on a social media site in reply to something I had received responding to one of my posts – - figured I'd share it here, as it's more appropriate for MeefFighters: (w minor edits)

"I like taking on some big (strong) guys – they are often easier to handle and fall harder than the short men. But I like taking on all sizes, builds (except when big means soft fat). Variety is needed to practice tactics – their likelihood of success varies among size, build, limb ratios, etc. So far two of my most enjoyable ones were a couple guys – both bigger ones – who tried to get {what some might call) excessively rough.

{One has been described in [a blog entry farther down here]. The other was from a different site, who said he wanted to learn how to wrestle, how to grapple–and wanted it a regular thing. Within 5 minutes he went from lamb to lion and tried to pull out all the stops against me.

WOW, I was amazed how I was able to keep my cool, and take him down (and almost out) without injuring him. He did get introduced to a couple things, however, a kimura and a sleeper (forgot what else, it was all so quick) What a rush, which kept me high for several days.

This guy, who could have been material for a USMC recruiting poster, ended up saying he thought that the fighting sports were not his thing. The only injury to him was self-inflicted---He tucked in his tail with such speed/force that it probably crushed his private parts to the point I doubt if he will ever sire offspring.

I have sent him a few invites to come back and pick up where we left off (I could stand another multi-day high) and try to be as rough as he wants. (as I had used maybe 20% of my resources when I took him down and nearly to sleep)."

In reality: I think he learned his lesson and would remain the lamb if he ever returned. Sure wish he would be it lion or lamb He was so hot looking that if it were translated to body temperature, it could keep a city block warm in the deep mid winter.

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2018-02-18Rocket's rant and rage

First i want to fight i will fight. I thank all the men involved with showing me the direction to follow. Always take boxing and men involved with respect. We are not dumb. I would bet that boxers have a greater intelligence and I can see why..
Second I am talking with my roommate about what drives industry. I think that the porn industry has a major impact on this 3d. Does anyone know of any sites that have 3d porn. I know some streight sites have them. Do you know of any gay sites with men like we have on here. It has become more of an SM site. I don't mind.
I would like to see it in 3D AG.. It is a very good thing to master the cutting edge of the adult movie industry.

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Meetfighters, Datefighters or Hirefighters?SubsGuy82's blog

Now being on the autistic spectrum, some things often go over my head, but I'm hoping other people will echo my views on this matter.

I have recently found a concerning amount of members seem to think they can set a price on meeting them. I didn't realise there was so many wrestling/bjj gigalos.

One particular conversation was an agreement to meet me based on:

-Me paying for them to travel
-Me paying for a venue
-Me paying them their 'fee'

First of all I am more than happy to offer assistance with travel costs if someone is coming to me, what I'm not okay with is the level egotism I've witnessed in a few users.

Perhaps if you want to make an income from this then go self employed, evidence your competence to facilitate coaching in specific styles, as the last time I checked face pinning someone to a hotel bed in your briefs was more fetish than fight.

So thank you kindly for the offers of paying for the pleasure and opportunity of meeting with you, but I'd rather spend my money on something I'd value.

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WrestleFest 2018PA Wrestler's blog

I'm still up in the air when it comes to attending the event this year, this weekend. As much as I would love to meet and wrestle so many of you, I also have the lingering feeling that it may not be the best time to attend. Schedule is still rather busy, and if I feel as though I can not complete what is required of me, than I shall not be attending tomorrow, Saturday the 17th.

I apologize to people I have set times for, and if I do attend and you are open, would be more than happy to take you on and roll around. Will try my best to reach out personally, but this was the easiest way to reach most of you.

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Valentine'sAdammuscle's blog

Don't forget to send ur Valentine's to guys you admire on here

Who is for a v day g-punch

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WOW!!! 26 Months on this Great SiteSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Been on this site for about 26 months, had over 50 different opponents (50 reported and a few who preferred privacy) and fought a few from several other sites. Ninety percent provided written recommendations here – a very high ratio. Great thing is that Number 5-O was with DenverWrestler – the site's top dawg in the opponent count. – who visited me along with ScrimmageJock in my matroom.

One thing in common is that I enjoyed EVERY ONE of my opponents. From each, I either learned how to become a better wrestler/grappler, and/or helped them to become better. I would be up to do encores with every one of them – including a very small number, who probably out of newbie enthusiasm (or try-to-beat-up-the-"instructor" syndrome), became unruly – every one, no exceptions, even those very few would-be tough guys** who now know better – you are welcome to come take me on again.

So this site is scoring 100 percent for me; and I'm hoping that the rest of this year will land me at least 50 more opponents, new friends – to take on more local guys as well as the many out-of-towners – and to find a couple regular training partners. As for men from other sites – mostly who had never wrestled as adults, if they liked the experience, I recruit them to join MeetFighters and [hopefully] become supporting members. Fellow members: come take me on.

In the Forward Looking Statement Department:Check out the men whom I have taken on both a year ago (or longer) and recently, such as Just_Dan and BoxerVA They can note the change for the better over the past year. This year, a lot more will be happening; so I suggest guys take me on now to get a baseline from which they can see subsequently where I am going in the course of the year. Check me every couple months as I progress. During the year, you too, will improve as we learn from each other. Think of a symbiotic thing; you'll' be glad a year from now if you do, just ask ScrimmageJock how things have changed in less than three months for both of us.

**7/24/2017 Blog entry farther down about one. One of my most enjoyable matches.

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