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Wish I could write this guy a review. As much as I love Meetfighters, I
do try to get matches from one other source .... Craig's List. What can
I say? I got fed up with the nickel and dime policies of Globalfight,
plus I hadn't gotten any matches through there in months, so I left.
Bearhuggers isn't that active, sadly. And Wrestlemen is just another
money making site. So I often get matches from Craig's List and hope for
the best. I can say, it's not always bad. Most guys lately have been
"one and done", but at least they are willing to try it at least once.
This brings me to my most recent CL opponent. I will call him "Mike".
Mike was visiting the Providence area from Florida to attend a
conference for his job. I guess he did frequently use CL to meet guys
for various reasons, but in his initial response he told me that
wrestling sounded like fun and he could host at his hotel, which was
only 10 minutes from me. I told him I was game.

Anyway, after exchanging texts all day long on the day of his arrival, I
got to his hotel room not quite sure what to expect. I was greeted by a
man about my height, a couple years older than myself, with salt and
pepper hair. He was about 25 lbs heavier than I am, though I am the
more muscular one. He wasn't in the greatest of shape, but he did have
a lot of stamina for someone who hadn't wrestled much. Anyway, we
greeted each other, chatted a few minutes, then when he was sitting on
the bed, I ATTACKED! I had him pinned and scissored in a matter of
seconds. (insert more here). After we were in appropriate attire, we
continued for over an hour of exchanging holds with me showing him some
holds and letting him administer a few to me. It was fun and sweaty. He
loved my scissors and my bear hugs. He cried for mercy, I gave him
none. He pinned me and I showed him how I have learned to get out of
various holds. I had a lot to tell him and show him. Time seemed to go
by quickly with him. Anyway, His stay was for about 4 days, so I
managed to meet him two more times for more wrestling. It was fun,
though he had a couple of physical issues that caused us to have to go
at a slower pace than we began with.

I wish I could write a review of "Mike", but seeing he was a Craig's
List guy and not on Meetfighters, I can only blog about him. But we hit
it off quite well. I don't know if we will ever see each other again.
The conference he was in Providence for is in a different city each
year. But nonetheless, he really enjoyed it and told me we would
probably be meeting again sometime down the road.

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поединок за женщинуPeter666's blog

Кто хочет бороться за девушку или жену пишите

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Tynesiders Meet at Pippas 17.6.2017Steeleyes's blog

Excellent meet by Tynesider.Not a rough house at all,myself tried 4 new opponents plus 2 previous,quite an age range and styles.Never dreamed when I started proper training with ImtiazAli 9 months ago that I would dare tackle a power-lifting bodybuilder !(letsfightlads)Wow.Thanks Tynesider.

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добавляйтесь в друзья в соцсетяхPeter666's blog

Я в вк и на фб

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Titans part 3sisuperman's blog

the saga continues:
The flex show was amazing as the two muscle men tried to out do the other with each flex. Paul demanded that I measure their bicep...I obliged. Paul flexed as i wrapped the tape around his massive gun...18.75" around his massive baseball arm. Next was John....he had a beautiful peaked split bicep...damn 19". Paul was furious and demanded a remeasure. John laughed. I again wrapped the tape around Paul's massive gun, as he pumped it 3 times, this time 19" as well. Paul challenged John to arm wrestle. The two men locked hands and I counted down 3,2,1. Biceps tensed as the two men struggled foe an advantage. It seemed like an eternity as neither arm was budging. Slowly Paul's bicep was retreating and John was gaining an advantage and had Paul half way down. Paul reached for inner strength and forced John back to the starting position where once again they were stalemated for maybe 2 minutes. John was determined to win, grunted loud and began again to lower Paul's arm but this time succeeded to push him past the half way mark. Paul was visible frustrated. The descent slowed but this time Paul could not gain any momentum as his arm got closer to being put down. He was holding on until finally his hand hit the table. John won! I have never seen such power that both men displayed. Paul was angry. Let's hit the mats he shouted and see who the real man is. They told me that they had wrestled before and it ended in a draw, so a winner must be determined today. We agreed on the best of 3 rounds. Both men were pumped and ready to grapple.
Round 1 next...

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Titans part 4sisuperman's blog

They enter the ring and circle, like two tigers waiting to attack. John the taller lean muscled stud with slabs of muscled pecs and washboard abs raises his hands signaling Paul to lock hands. Paul's massive stocky muscles packed onto the shorter frame looking like an oak tree moves around the ring cautiously. Suddenly Paul charges in and wraps his mighty pythons around John in a bearhug squeezing with all his power. John grunts as he is squeezed in the vice grip. With his long arms he land punches into Paul's sides with each punch Paul grunts, eventually letting go. John immediately gets Paul in a headlock and drives him down to the mat and mounts Paul, pinning Paul's massive guns under his mighty thighs in a classic schoolboy pin. Paul struggles with all his might but to no avail as the two men are equally as strong. John yells "give up you are going nowhere" Paul says "never". John reaches back and lands a coupe of blows to Paul's abs which are now bright red from the assault. Paul yells out "I give".
"That's what I'm talking about" John says.
Round 1 John
They both retreat to their corners, breathing hard after this encounter which lasted about 10 mins. "You got lucky" Paul exclaims. "And I suppose I got lucky in the arm wrestle too" says John, "let's face it you are out of your league". Paul responds "We shall see, let's go".
Paul immediately goes in on the attack again this time lifting John in a fireman's carry and slamming him to the mat. He doesn't give John a second to recover and repeats the move this time slamming him across his knee in a classic backbreaker. John is in pain on the mat and rolls over on his stomach unknowingly setting the stage for Paul's next move. Paul quickly folds John's legs, pulls his well muscled arms back and perfectly applies a surfboard exposing his incredible abs and chest while stretching his arms to their limits which has John screaming "I submit, I submit".
Round 2 Paul
That was a lightning round win for Paul as the submission came in less than 5 mins. John knew there was no escape and gave quickly to limit the damage on his arm and shoulder muscles.
The two Alpha studs are ready to engage again. They apply arm bars, headlocks, full nelsons and scissors each other as they grunt and power out of each hold. Their bodies are glistening with sweat. This went on for approximately 15 minutes and I can see they were both completely exhausted. Paul deadlifts John over his head and slams his abs onto his knee and then pushes him face down on the mat. He sits on John's back, pulls his arms onto his knees and applies a camel clutch. John submits!
Paul releases the hold a claims victory.
Round 3 Paul
John says" Hold on Paul you lost the arm wrestle so we are still tied at 2 wins each"
They turn to the ref for a decision.
So I suggested that I come up with a strength test to determine the all time champ.
They both agree as I am the referee.
To be continued...

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Battle of the Titanssisuperman's blog

So i'm on the subway, around rush hour, I get the last seat. At the next stop a very attractive guy gets on, very handsome about 6" tall maybe 200 lbs dark hair, dark eyes.
I cannot stop looking at him. As the train begins to move I can see his biceps stretch the arms of his shirt as they flex. I can tell his is very muscular. His shirt is clinging to his muscular chest and I can see the buttons are straining to stay closed. I can see his hard large nipples protruding through his shirt.The shirt is fitted down to his waist revealing a v-tapered waist. His pants are tight showing off his muscular legs ass and bulge. I try hard not to stare and he catches me looking at him. I think he likes the attention and he begins to move to give me different views. My eye immediately notice his bulge getting bigger. As the train approaches my station I accept the fact that my show will end soon. I exit the train and to my surprise he does too. My heart begins to beat fast. I have never seen him in my neighborhood before. He must live nearby. We both exit the station and he says to me " you like what you see?" in a masculine sexy voice. I thought I was going to pass out."I do" I replied. He told me he was going to the gym and I was welcome to come to see more and he said he would show me his workout routine. My heart was skipping beats now. He told me he like when guys appreciate all the work he puts in at the gym. We arrive at the gym and we are the only people there. I cannot believe that I am here with
this hot guy. We enter the locker room and he begins to undress. He removes his shoes and sock revealing sexy feet, maybe size 10. He stands up and begins to slowly unbutton his shirt as if he was a male stripper. He removes his shirt exposing his huge chest shoulders and arms. Massive slabs of muscle form his pecs topped with huge erect nipples. He had a small happy trail starting just above his belly button disappearing into his jeans. He had nice washboard abs too. He flexed his biceps for me and told me to feel them. They were baseball size and hard as a rock. I really wanted to feel his chest and nipples as well but did not ask if I could. I was wearing my jeans and a tee shirt as I did not have any gym clothes with me.....We headed to the gym.
to be continued....

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2017-06-20wrestlerm's blog


I met a fellow wrestler today. We tried to have a submission match and I have to say, I disappointed him and myself but I proved what I have been wondering about for some time: as a competitor, my age has gotten the best of me and I need to hang up the trunks. On the one hand, I like to wrestle but when I do, the feeling I used to feel has left me.

This blog is meant as no disrespect to the fellow I met this afternoon. He was a great guy, much smarter then me, a good wrestler, quite strong and very respectful. We have been trying to meet for some time unsuccessfully. If I'm honest, the near misses we had were actually my fault.

This blog is my way of apologizing to the fellows I have bugged to wrestle. The guys I have met in the Charlotte area great fellows. They all have my respect.

I suppose I can sum it up like this: "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." From now on, I think I just need to kick back and chill.

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Battle of the Titans part 2sisuperman's blog

We enter the gym and still not a soul in sight. He begins to do some stretches. I look around this well equipped gym which has a variety of machines, free weights and a wrestling/boxing ring, also a separate room for massages. As he stretches and bends, the tight speedo highlights his hot firm ass and nice package. He tells me his name is John. Suddenly I hear the gym door open. John tell me that I will be the referee for his match tonight. I see a massive muscular fireplug entering the gym, walking towards us. He is approximately 5'9" carrying 195 lbs. He too is wearing only a tight speedo. His shoulders are like bowling balls tapering down to a waist maybe 30" if that. His abs are shredded and look rock solid, all this being supported by massive tree trunk legs.He is very handsome with buzz cut hair and beard. My heart was pounding at the sight of him and the thought of the show I was going to see. He said to John "who the fuck is this" looking at me. This is our ref. Ok ref, I'm Paul. "Do you know first aid because John is going to need it" My heart ached at the thought go John getting hurt. John laughed. Let's get this show started. The clash of the titans was about to begin.Two alpha studs fighting for dominance and bragging rights. Had I met these two at the same time it would have been very difficult to pick a favorite but I already felt an allegiance to John. They begin to have a flex-off. I have never been so close to so much muscle before. My dick hardened as they flex their massive slabs of muscle. Paul told me to feel his guns. The were like boulders. John laughed and said feel these. I was in heaven.Both of their biceps were rock solid and had a thick vein bulging. My dick began to leak precum.
to be continued...

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Happy Father's DayDetective Mask's blog

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads here in Meetfighters. I hope you have fun on this special day of yours.

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