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Into pro, heel vs jobber. Ideally looking for regular wrestling partners.
Definitely not into cyber.Londoner with Italian origins.
Please don't be over 60.

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  1. Egyesült Királyság, London Borough of Islington
    place of residence
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Kor: 37 éves Férfi

Méret: 176 cm, 66 kg

Pankráció (pro wrestling) Pankráció (pro wrestling)

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Módosítva: 2018-11-09 06:09

Tagság kezdete: 2017-10-28 01:40


Stomper-t ajánlja underft

Safe, sane and feisty wrestler, had a good chat, a beer and a hot sub match. Recommended!


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Stomper-t ajánlja Sleeper kid

Great skill and a feisty sexy wrestler who likes to dominate his opponents with some devastating moves.
Masked up, Stomper is a real sadistic warrior who enjoys bebig on top and humiliating his jobber.

Our last match however, the tables were turned and he took a thorough beating ending in a long slow humiliating ten count.

Maybe next time, but at the moment I’m his heel.


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Stomper-t ajánlja fighter1985

Stomper e' praticamente colui con cui ho iniziato le mie esperienze nel mondo della lotta ed e' colui che ovviamente ha lasciato il segno. E' molto forte e veloce anche se ammetto che a volte era una goduria stenderlo e sottometterlo. E' un po che non ci vediamo ma spero davvero un giorno diche poterlo risfidare. Sono sicuro che nel frattempo e' diventato molto piu' forte


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fighter1985-t ajánlja Stomper

I had a great fight with this young, beautiful and skilled wrestler.
He's got the right badass attitude and he knows all the moves to kick you down, and all I can say is that I really enjoyed our match. Definitely looking forward to meet him again.


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Stomper-t ajánlja ImtiazAli

We met at (2014 summer time - I think) at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Manchester - Piccadilly. We did over a hour of back and forth play wrestling. He really knows how to get into character and he certainly enjoys that.


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Stomper 2018-08-06

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