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Like wrestling for the struggle and sometimes the erotic component. Inexperienced, like a good back and forth, but nothing too competitive, just in it for the fun and exercise :)

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  1. Amerikai Egyesült Államok - Texas, Cedar Park
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75 mérföld távot utazom
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Kor: 51 éves Férfi

Méret: 188 cm, 86 kg

Öltözék: shorts, briefs, nude, whatever

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Módosítva: 28 napja

Tagság kezdete: 2016-09-02 15:37

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Cut2danut grapple30 hrylegs rasslin bodybuilder


StealthyTX-t ajánlja hrylegs

Thinguytx is an excellent opponent & a very nice guy. We had a very long & sweaty match. I would highly recommend him!


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hrylegs-t ajánlja StealthyTX

A lot of fun to work up a sweat with and a very nice guy, definitely recommended!


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StealthyTX-t ajánlja rasslin bodybuilder

mike is a strong guy who has the perfect grapevine technique on him, he is strong which he does not know and he does need more matches to convince him so. I have to convince him that I am not all scary and big in order to have him meet me, but he is a nice guy off the matches and have a really energetic dog that runs around in circles named Loki, highly recommended to meet him


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rasslin bodybuilder-t ajánlja StealthyTX

This guy has a ton of muscle, and yes, I was a bit intimidated by him, but as he noted, my dog wasn't :) He let me put him in various holds, but every now and then he would throw on a headlock there was no escaping from. Definitely a very nice guy, so don't let all of the muscle scare you off!


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