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Hi! Im am a sportive man looking for wrestling opponents. Open to meet both men and women. Im fit, but dont have too much experience. Looking to wrestle younger, older and guys around same age :)

Prefer sub wrestlig but open to discuss gear and rules. Stakes are also discussable, and you should be a fair guy who like to wrestle and not take yourself too serious :)

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  1. Németország, Essen
Mutasd a térképen

50 mérföld távot utazom


Kor: 39 éves Férfi

Méret: 185 cm, 85 kg

Beszélt nyelvek: Angol

Öltözék: Shorts, boxer shorts etc.

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Földharc (submission) Földharc (submission)

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Squashlad-t ajánlja vince 29

Polite man, great fighter and generally very recommended! :)


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vince 29-t ajánlja Raufbold1976

It was really a pleasure to meet Vince.
He is a very nice and polite person, he is looking great, and he is a strong wrestler.
On a ten-point-scale, he is at least a twelve ;-)
So take the opportunity to meet him, if you can!
My highest recommendation!


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Raufbold1976-t ajánlja vince 29

Very nice guy and a very fine wrestler. He had more skills and i had somewhat more strenght so we had an equal fight. Recommended!


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vince 29-t ajánlja Eu2

Vince Vega is a very affable, decent guy and I enjoyed wrestling with him. He was very good in communicating certain basic ground rules and details about himself and the match beforehand so when we finally did meet, the terms were very clear. It might have been due to the fact that we met rather late in the day, but he was probably not at his very best and the outcome with this skilled wrestler was often more in my favor. I´d wrestle him again in a heartbeat and hope he takes me up on the challenge for a second match some day.


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Eu2-t ajánlja vince 29

This is a really good wrestler and and a very nice guy. Good communication in advance, and very polite and respectful wrestler. Know a lot about wrestling, the variety of holds he showed me was a very good lesson. Capable of handling a far better wrestler han me - this guy has some serious experience i believe :) Hope to meet him again one day!


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vince 29-t ajánlja teemu

Finns rarely beat norwegian in any sport, but wrestling and ice-hockey seem to be exceptions. This nice man has a great body and attitude, and would be very nice to see him some day again on mat.


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teemu-t ajánlja vince 29

Nice fight with a skilled wrestler. Had a solution for all the challenges i brought to him - and ended up dominating the match.


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vince 29-t ajánlja Fireball05

Friendly and very strong fighter - was a nice meeting! This fight he beat me, but in our next fight he will be under me ;)


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Fireball05-t ajánlja vince 29

A tough fighter who knows quite some dirty tricks and he's not afraid to use them! Fortunately i was able to keep him under control after a while, but this one does not give up easily!


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vince 29-t ajánlja Lugi

Great wrestler and also a nice guy, gentle, polite, charming. Highly recommended, and looking forward to the next opportunity to have another match.


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Lugi-t ajánlja vince 29

A wonderful guy and a wonderful wrestler. I met him for evening wrestling, but we got far into the night before we could decide a winner. He has got a lot of holds, and great variation in his way of fighting. Hope to meet again!!


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vince 29-t ajánlja Andrew21

A really strong guy. It was awesome to wrestle with him


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Andrew21-t ajánlja vince 29

A very nice and dedicated guy, who is gonna be stronger and even more skilled soon.

Yeah, i was right. Met him again half a year later, and he is growing :) Strong arms and great fighting spirit. Looking forward to next time!!


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vince 29-t ajánlja newstravel

After few contacts on the past the time arrived last Saturday. We had great time wrestling at my place with real tatami. Here you will find strong wrestler with so much energy that makes the match enjoyable at every second. Really worth meeting !!


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newstravel-t ajánlja vince 29

Great host, great wrestler and a very nice man. Had my hands full keeping this guy from his arsenal of holds. Absolutely recommended.


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vince 29-t ajánlja wrestlejd

Great guy, we've wrestled a bunch of times - highly recommend; tough, very strong, competitive with good skills but off the mat very friendly.


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wrestlejd-t ajánlja vince 29

Nice wrestler with decent skills and lots of guts. Had him in the early rounds but couldnt wear him out, and he took that tough final round ::)


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vince 29-t ajánlja Jorgefighter

A big guy, and a powerful guy. Great stamina, he recovers soon and keeps fighting. A very good experience.


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Jorgefighter-t ajánlja vince 29

Great match against this guy. Strong and with lots of skills, we were even until 10 submissions, after that he controlled everything.


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vince 29-t ajánlja Lutteur79

Excellent wrestler, never tired, good technique and very nice guy. can't wait for next fight !


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Lutteur79-t ajánlja vince 29

great guy and a great wrestler with lot of endurance!


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