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Enjoy wrestling, pin matches, submission.
Keen also to chat about wrestling.
Can travel... can not host.

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  1. Ausztrália, Adelaide
    Clare Valley South Australia
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Kor: 54 éves Férfi

Méret: 188 cm, 79 kg

Szabad/kötött fogás Szabad/kötött fogás
Földharc (submission) Földharc (submission)

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Módosítva: 2018-11-11 09:37

Tagság kezdete: 2018-01-20 02:56

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Australian_Wrestler KiwiWrestler OzScrapper



slimwrestle-t ajánlja KiwiWrestler

Had a very enjoyable wrestle with Slimwrestle. Organising the meeting was really easy few just a few messages. It was easiest for me to travel to him as my lodging didn’t have a lot of space suitable for wrestling. I drove to his house using my phones maps facility. Very clear directions and easy to get to, with or without the GPS. He has a smooth tarp with duvets underneath for some padding he setup in his living room. An enjoyable surface to wrestle on and no carpet burns. Friendly and very hospitable as a host off the mats. A strong, very capable and safe wrestler on the mats. I highly recommend him.


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KiwiWrestler-t ajánlja slimwrestle

Had the good fortune of meeting KiwiWrestler yesterday and really enjoyed his company!
Kiwi is strong, fun and happily showed me some good moves.
In only a few minutes we were wrestling and joking around like buddies that had known each other for years.
I thoroughly recommend this guy... his warm, friendly nature is almost in contrast with his determined, accomplished grappling style.
He is also safety conscious... a challenge to wrestle and someone I would like to wrestle regularly if given the chance.


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slimwrestle-t ajánlja OzScrapper

This fella has got to be not only one of my favourite opponents, but one of my favourite people.
Top bloke with a lust for life which is near unmatched. I've always enjoyed time with Slimwrestle on and off the mats it's always filled joy and lots to learn.
The only reason we don't wrestle daily is distance but I jump at any chance to tangle with this guy.
Thorough endorsement from me!


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OzScrapper-t ajánlja slimwrestle

I've known OzScrapper for years now and have had the pleasure to wrestle him many times.
Great in conversation, we chat and wrestle like true brothers, if he lived closer I would accept his challenges to fight daily. On the mat he is fast, skilled and strong... matches often go for hours as he doesn't easily give in. Always interesting, exhausting and fun!


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