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Dom/Top Novice boxer; 5'8", 146 lbs, 67 yrs old,; average looks /build, DDF; seeking "IN SHAPE" boxing buddies +/- 20 lbs for me to give GP, body punching, 1-sided boxing, sparring, work-outs, and more! 420 Friendly! 😀👍

Please note I'm NOT into wrestling AT ALL, nor Boxing way outta my weight class! Sorry men!

NOT interested in meeting fighters in foreign countries, unless you plan to come to my location in the USA!

ATTN: LADIES! I really want to meet fit, fem, lady boxers for inter -gender boxing too!

PLEASE NOTE: FYI, I have been on extended trips to Box with B&B, by hosts who covered travel expenses! HAVE GLOVES, WILL TRAVEL! 🥊😀🥊🎧

***CHECK OUT MY VIDEOS here, and on GlobalFight media gallery under same user name!

Those w/boxing gear collections and ring access STEP TO THE FRONT! Let's make sexciting boxing videos! 🥊😀🥊🎥📸

***ATTENTION*** My pictures and videos are private and not for use or broadcast without my authorization. THIS MEANS YOU! Be warned!

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  1. Amerikai Egyesült Államok - Ohio, Euclid
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Kor: 67 éves Férfi

Méret: 173 cm, 66 kg

Beszélt nyelvek: Angol

Öltözék: Shirtless, Boxing trunks, 8, 10,12, 14 oz boxing gloves, wraps, headgear, boots, jox, and mouthguard.

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Utolsó belépés: 3 órája 

Módosítva: 15 órája

Tagság kezdete: 2017-05-15 04:16


PJBoxxxer1-t ajánlja jimmyterrific

This is jimmyterrific, I had a gutpunching session and boxing with PJBoxxer, I did well in gutpunching, but boxing I did not do well, it was my first time boxing and it definately showed, I was embarrassed by how much I have to learn to box, I love PJ, he knowswill need it boxing, hope he has alot of patience with me, he will need it, I see alot of things poorly, hope I can change that, I am sure it comes with practice, PJ would be a nice guy to box, if anyone wants to box, thanks, jimmyterrific


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jimmyterrific-t ajánlja PJBoxxxer1

Jimmy and I met for a fun GP Session and I gave him basic boxing advice. We plan to meet again for further sessions! He's a great Punchee, and a nice guy! I recommend him to others!


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PJBoxxxer1-t ajánlja Italian giver

I hosted ctrwash (Bob) & PJBoxxxer1 and we all had a great time together. PJ and I gave Bob a good gutpunching workout. Both of these men are very nice and easy to get along with. I have met Bob before, but this was the first time I met PJ and I enjoyed having him here, he is a very good man and very down to earth. He is a man of his word and does exactly what he says. Very strong fighter that loves to put on the gloves and have a good fight. If you're looking for a HOT match, PJ is your man. I highly recommend PJ for a good time.


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Italian giver-t ajánlja PJBoxxxer1

Following our March,2018 sessions, Bob (Italian Giver) invited Bob (ctrwash) & I to have a rematch in his residence!
This led to various sessions of gloves play among us; as well as giving GP to ctrwash! IG's generosity & hospitality extended to spending a day riding thrill rides in Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio; dining out; and viewing videos on his large screen TV! He made
needed alterations to my apparel, too! I cannot express my appreciation enuff! I had a real blast with these two gentlemen and how much fun we had in a perfect environment!
I am definitely looking forward to future sessions with these two "sports" and encourage other like-minded individuals to reach out to them for a great time! Seniors rule! Hoo-rah! 🥊😃🥊🛎️DING!


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PJBoxxxer1-t ajánlja ctrwash

PJ and I finally made our long-time virtual plans come together in a ring session. He has been training hard, and his punching strength reveals the result! His wiry, lean frame is muscular, and he gives his opponent his all. He has transformed his body amazingly in the past 5 months with personal dedication. I am proud of this man for his positive attitude, and his friendship means more than words.
If PJ says he will meet, he means it. I highly recommend him.


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ctrwash-t ajánlja PJBoxxxer1

Originally posted 4/01/2018

Bob and I met up in a private boxing ring located in Claymont, DE for fun sparring and gut punching sessions!

I enjoyed acting out our pro fantasy boxing ideas in a proper safe & sane setting and manner with a true gentleman of the sport! Just for the fun of it, not to prove who was the alpha male!

I am very pleased to claim Bob as my opponent and friend, and looking forward to hooking up again! This man is a very unique and understanding individual and is highly recommended by me as a man worth getting to know!


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PJBoxxxer1-t ajánlja lsm1966

PJ dragged me back out of retirement, and it was great! He's a knowledgable and very capable boxer, fit and strong, and working hard at getting even better. His rigorous gym routine shows, and he'll be a challenge to anyone near his size, regardless of their age, strength or ring experience. But he adjusts to his opponent; yeah, he kicked my ass, but we were both grinning the whole time! PJ really loves to box; he's looking for as much boxing experience at any level as he can get, and maintains a fine and growing collection of boxing gear. PJ's a straightforward and likable man, fun to be around. Reliable, too; he promises nothing he won't deliver, and if he tells you something you can count on it.
I guess I've gotta' get back into action, do some training; he says he wants another crack at me :-) It was some good boxing, and even better a new real friend!


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lsm1966-t ajánlja PJBoxxxer1

When I met Lee on MF, I was impressed by his classic boxing gloves and trunks collection! I knew then we shared a passion and were meant to meet! It took some doing and time for us to meet in Florida, where we donned the classic gear for some fun apartment boxing! Of course Lee was not a trained athlete, but he stood up for an enjoyable boxing beat down! I am going to allow the time for Lee to get some practice and training in before what I hope will be a rematch in the near future!
He was a great host and a real gentleman! We also covered a wide range of other interests we shared. Lee and I are avid classic car enthusiasts and he has an amazing collection of model cars & brochures! Thanks, Lee!
Keep punching! 🥊😁🥊


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PJBoxxxer1 15 napja

Recorded before class instruction!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-07-17

Preparing to give GP!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-04-20

PJBoxxxer1 works the 25 lb dumbbells!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-04-19

Training to increase my skills!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-04-15

PJBoxxxer1 trains for 3 Rounds!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-03-30

Working out on the Reflex bag!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-03-26

Jimmy gets GP and boxing lesson from PJ!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-03-24

Training day!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-03-18

PJ gives GP to Bob!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-02-28

PJ gets in shape working out with ctrwash!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-01-28

PJBoxxxer & ctrwash spar and train!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-01-27

Another training day! 🥊😀🥊🎥

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-01-18

Getting in shape to go some rounds of sparring!

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PJBoxxxer1 2019-01-01

Getting a hell of a cardio boxing session!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-12-23

Getting coordinating training!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-12-23

Getting in shape to go some rounds of sparring!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-11-19

Getting in shape to go some rounds of sparring!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-10-25

The rest of the story!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-09-25

Geared up for barefoot boxing!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-09-16

Daily workout with 6 oz boxing gloves!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-09-01

Letting go with my slick sixes!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-08-18

Shadow boxing warmup! 8/4/18

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-08-07

Basement gutpunchiing

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-08-07

Lee (LSM1966) takes a boxing beatdown from PJBoxxxer1

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-04-11

PJ gut punches ctrwash in a boxing ring!

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-04-02

Body boxing in the ring

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-03-25

Training session on red & black heavy bag

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PJBoxxxer1 2018-03-24

Heavy bag training session

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