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Jobber looking for heels. Love wrestling beefy, chubby and stocky guys.

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  1. Amerikai Egyesült Államok - Illinois, Glenview
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Kor: 41 éves Férfi

Méret: 178 cm, 93 kg

Pankráció (pro wrestling) Pankráció (pro wrestling)

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Módosítva: 2018-02-12 02:14

Tagság kezdete: 2018-02-12 02:14

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bigchicago Mich123 NYPROCHAMP



North Shore Jobber-t ajánlja NYPROCHAMP

North Shore Jobber is one determined, defensive minded classic pro guy. He has a good pro build and is quite hairy. He won't lie there and take it, you have to work for the win. Off the mats, he is reliable and a gentleman. All 3 meets have been fun.


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NYPROCHAMP-t ajánlja North Shore Jobber

Nyprochamp has given me some outstanding wrestling matches over the years. He is a fun and charming pro wrestler who understands how to make a pro match into a wonderful, memorable experience. Highly recommend locking up with this champ for some intense pro action!


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North Shore Jobber-t ajánlja Rasslebarefoot

I have had the pleasure of rasslin with NSJ no fewer than 8 times. Each one better than the last. He is a sexy furry bear cub that loves to rassle. What else could you ask for? Looking forward to many many many more match ups in trunks and barefeet. Definitely one of my favourite rasslers!


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Rasslebarefoot-t ajánlja North Shore Jobber

Rasslebarefoot is an awesome guy to meet and wrestle! I have met up with him multiple times over the years. Each time we meet, it has been a great experience locking up on the mats. Nothing better than barefoot, shirtless brawling with this fun, friendly stud!


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North Shore Jobber-t ajánlja Mich123

One of the best guys I've ever met, period. Bonus, he likes to wrestle!
He's tied down to the Chicago area now, but if you get a chance to meet him there, don't pass it up!


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Mich123-t ajánlja North Shore Jobber

Mich123 is an outstanding friend and a fun wrestler. I have met him multiple times over many years, and he has always delivered a great time wrestling. He is sincerely one of the nicest, friendliest guys you will ever meet. And he knows how to ensure that everyone has a fun time on the mats. I cannot recommend him enough.


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