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I am looking for both cyber matches and mild wrestling or just doing hold exchanges with local guys. Love it when the real matches become erotic. I can host at my home.

Had my first real life match with someone from this site on 1/27/18. I really enjoyed it. It was with Acrious. He and I wrestled again in Mar, 2018.

For cyber I am into erotic, nhb, pro, nasty dirty tactics. I can do competitive, or heel/jobber matches. I can be a heel, or jobber. I am pretty much open to any style. Don't let me weight stop you from cybering me. With muscle guys i like to hurt their muscles with knees and claws. I am also into bdsm and sometimes to combine some bondage, or use of butt plugs and other items into matches if your open to it.

I am in a live in open relationship with ImpiousSaint on this site.

On 8/18/17 I got a Prince Albert piercing, and love it. For those who don't know a PA is a genital piercing that goes in the piss hole and out the bottom of the cock right behind the helmet. There is a pic of mine in my gallery pics.

On Trillian my nick is dude_chevy. and skype is dude_chevy. Always willing to chat if not in a cyber.

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  1. Amerikai Egyesült Államok - Texas, Fort Worth
    Place of residence
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50 mérföld távot utazom
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Kor: 54 éves Férfi

Méret: 178 cm, 136 kg

Öltözék: Underwear, singlet or naked

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acrious ImpiousSaint


Dude chevy-t ajánlja acrious

Wrestled with Dude chevy for a bit, and I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again. Very strong and an absolute brute on the mats. He's a very hospitable and kind guy off the mats too. Definitely meet up with him if you get the chance.


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acrious-t ajánlja Dude chevy

Wrestled with Acrious for about an hour. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to meeting with him for a match again. We meet in Jan of 2018.

In March of 2018 we meet and wrestled again. He is a lot of fun. He communicates with me if he is running late or something comes up. Hoping to meet up with him again when time allows.


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