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Due to permanent shoulder damage I can no longer go all out. In spite of this I have occasionally managed to dominate bigger stronger guys. Mostly bjj oriented but open to experimenting with other styles, including perhaps controlled gut punching and/or light boxing. Open to erotic with right chemistry but certainly not expected or guaranteed. For me erotic is strictly frot, no oral or anal.

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  1. Amerikai Egyesült Államok - Oregon, Corvallis
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Kor: 64 éves Férfi

Méret: 175 cm, 73 kg

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Orman2man-t ajánlja Cowboyangel

Great time with very different wrestling style (Greco-Roman) than used to (BJJ).


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Cowboyangel-t ajánlja shortfighter

I had not wrestled CowboyAngel for at least a year and we recently grappled bjj-style (in gi). We were a bit cautious due to his prior injuries, but I was surprised by his strength and flexibility. He's strong and skilled, with great cardio, and he made me work for any advantage I was able to get. He outsmarted me more than once and it was great fun. I look forward to another roll with him soon. Highly recommended for those with bjj and grappling skills who appreciate the exercise and know how to flow on the mat.


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shortfighter-t ajánlja Cowboyangel

Shortfighter is one of the first grapplers I met on this site. We wrestled off and on for a number years. He’s strong for his size, highly skilled (blue belt) and always helpful and supportive. Strongly recommended.


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Cowboyangel-t ajánlja antaeusX

Had a very sweaty intense match with Dave. We were able to work around his shoulder condition and have a good workout. This guy is strong. Recomended.


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antaeusX-t ajánlja Cowboyangel

John was a very gracious host and cooperative with my handicaps. Did much better than I thought I would.


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wrestling coach-t ajánlja Cowboyangel

Gene is not only an excellent wrestler, coach, fine human being and all the rest; he has probably done more than any other single individual I'm aware of to bring gay/alternative wrestling to where it is today. I for one want to say thank you.


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